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FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Challenges in the Approval Process

Challenges in the Financial Statement Approval Process June is a critical month for many companies because, by its end, the approval of the...

Corpo Review #3 – Franchise

Draft amendments to the Civil Code – introduction of the franchise agreement into the statutory regulation   PURPOSE OF THE REGULATION Despite...

Corpo Review #2 Reorganisation Cross-border and domestic – what to note

The next amendment to the Commercial Companies Code (hereinafter: CCC) enters into force on 15 September 2023 as a result of the (delayed - planned...

REmarks #16 “Common Communal Commotions”

According to the Public Roads Act, the construction or reconstruction of an exit is only possible after obtaining a permit from the road...

REmarks #15 Tenancy-free period

In our practice, we often encounter lease agreements made to secure legal title to land for solar or wind farms. A lease is a type of obligation...

REmarks #14 It’s a S.I.N.N.

In recent weeks, the term "REIT" has been widely discussed in various contexts and pronunciations due to an announcement by the Ministry of...

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