Energy Weekly Publications #01 State Aid for Energy-Intensive Sectors Associated with Natural Gas and Electricity Price Increases in 2022

2 January 2023

    The anticipated financial support program for energy- intensive enterprises whose business operations have been threatened due to increases in the purchase price of natural gas and electricity in 2022 was launched on Thursday, February 9.

Domestic entrepreneurs who meet the criteria set out in the Support Program can apply for financial assistance. The program includes energy-intensive entities that collectively meet the following conditions:

  • the costs of purchase of electricity or natural gas in 2021 totalled no less than 3% of the value of their production, or in the first half of 2022, no less than 6% of the value of their production;
  • at least 50% of revenue or production value in the reference (2021) and qualifying (2022) periods came from activities in subclasses of the PKD or production with PRODCOM codes listed by the European Commission on the list of sensitive sectors.

Support value:

  • for an entity that is not a part of a capital group may not exceed the amount of EUR 4 million (in the first limit) and EUR 50 million (in the second limit);
  • for an entity or entities from a single capital group may not exceed a total of EUR 4 million for all entities from the capital group (in the first limit) and EUR 50 million (in the second limit).


Application deadline: until February 22, 2023

Application submission: subsidy Application Generator

available at

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Marek Grzywacz, Ph.D., Counsel