Energy Weekly Publications #16 Fuel Platform – the New ICT System

17 April 2023

From 1 July 2023, the Fuel Platform, an ICT system run by the President of the Government Strategic Reserve Agency, will begin its operation. The system is dedicated to all reporting and information obligations performed by fuel companies in Poland.

The purpose of the Fuel Platform is to improve the performance of reporting obligations by entities holding licenses for production, trading (domestic and foreign trade), storage and/or reloading and transportation of liquid fuels, as well as those entered in the Register of Importing Entities. These entities are obliged to periodically submit reports and information on their activities to, among others, the President of the ERO.

As of 1 July 2023, entrepreneurs in the liquid fuels industry will no longer be able to use the option of submitting reports and information in paper form or electronically through ePUAP system. Consequently, all documents submitted to the President of the ERO, including any corrections and additions, will have to be sent by the Fuel Platform.

According to the plans, the Fuel Platform is to cover activities relating to, among other things, the submission of:

    1. monthly reports on types and quantities of liquid fuels produced, imported and exported as well as their destination, and also on entities contracting storage, handling, transport or distribution services for liquid fuels;
    2. information on the types and location of the liquid fuel infrastructure used for their operations;
    3. all reports to RARS related to the mandatory liquid fuels stocks and the stock charge;
    4. all reports to the ERO related to the implementation of the NCW and NCR.

If the fuel company has not yet registered on the Fuel Platform, it is necessary to send a set of necessary documents to RARS without any delay.

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Marek Grzywacz, Ph.D., Counsel