Energy Weekly Publications #26 Emergency procedures

3 July 2023

31 August is the deadline for sending an update of the procedures to be followed in the event of disruptions in the import of crude oil or fuels or the occurrence of a breakdown in the crude oil or fuels transmission, processing or storage system to the minister responsible for energy, or confirming its validity.

The regulations of the Act on Stocks of Crude Oil, Petroleum Products and Natural Gas and the Principles of Handling Situations of Threat to the State’s Fuel Security and Disturbances on the Oil Market impose on:

  • selected traders (import of more than 100,000 tonnes of crude oil or fuels),
  • producers,
  • entrepreneurs providing storage or transport services for emergency stocks, and
  • entrepreneurs contracted to create and maintain intervention stocks

– an obligation to prepare and update appropriate procedures to be applied in the event of disturbances on the liquid fuels market in Poland.

In particular, they should include the method, procedure and assumed time for obtaining additional supplies of crude oil or fuels from other sources or directions, making changes to the structure of production of petroleum products, releasing intervention stocks, providing the minister responsible for energy with information on the occurrence of disruptions in the supply of crude oil for fuel production or in the supply of fuels themselves, as well as disruptions in the fuel transmission, processing or storage system and ensuring the integrity of the operation of the systems.

Non-compliance with the obligation may be penalised by a fine of between ten and thirty times the average monthly remuneration in the enterprise sector, applicable in the quarter in which the non-compliance occurred. In addition, the minister responsible for energy may also impose a fine on the person in charge of the company’s operations.

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Marek Grzywacz, Ph.D., Counsel