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Corpo Review #3 – Franchise

Draft amendments to the Civil Code – introduction of the franchise agreement into the statutory regulation   PURPOSE OF THE REGULATION Despite...

Corpo Review #2 Reorganisation Cross-border and domestic – what to note

The next amendment to the Commercial Companies Code (hereinafter: CCC) enters into force on 15 September 2023 as a result of the (delayed - planned...

Corpo Review #1 Alternative Investment Company as a Favourable Alternative to FIZANs

What is an Alternative Investment Company ("AIC")? The alternative investment company was introduced into the Polish legal order on June 4, 2016 by...

REmarks #11 A brief reminder of the principles of expropriation

At the end of last year, Polish parliament started working on a draft bill concerning, among other things, an extension of the electricity price...

REmarks #10 Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree

As Christmas draws nearer, there is a widespread trend of cutting down coniferous trees. Year by year, the prices of Christmas trees are rising,...

REmarks #9 Energy vs Environment – 1:0

The regulations regarding undertakings that can significantly impact the environment (Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 10 August 2023...

Arbitration clause

Provisions of law critical for litigation and arbitration practice This time, NGL Legal's Dispute Resolution Team outlines the Polish perspective on...

Alert #4 Next summer amendments to the Polish civil procedural rules – Polish courts go online

Yesterday, on 13 September 2023, next summer amendments to the Polish civil procedural rules were published in Polish Journal of Laws. The majority...

Alert #3 Important regulations

On 26 April 2023, the Polish Supreme Court adopted the following resolution (in a seven-judge panel): The hearing of a civil case by a second...

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